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Title: How can I control use of material I submit?
Post by: Solace on June 22, 2005, 12:29:34 AM
All contributors retain copyright in the material they submit.  Anyone wanting to use material posted on outside the site must first seek permission from all authors of that material.  The script and ideas fora can only be seen by registered users, so your material won't be exposed to search engines and casual browsers.

Sure there's a chance that someone will register and use your material without permission, though of course such people run the risk of being publicly shamed if discovered.  But if you're an amateur comedian whose material would not normally see the light of day, does the risk of theft outweigh the chance to have your material evaluated and produced?

If you wish material that is fully or partly owned by you to be removed from the site, email your request and a link to the relevant post(s) to the administrator (

As for ownership of produced video and other media, my preference would be to fairly allocate equity in each item to all who helped in its creation, though to restrict 'voting' rights that determine what is done with that item to significant contributors only.  In this way all effort is rewarded, but material is not unreasonably encumbered by a legion of decision-makers.